Overview of FM in Remote Control Car

In receiving and transmitting the signal, frequency modulation FM is one of the medium to link in telecommunication and signal processing. The FM is to deliver information by a carrier wave. The FM is phase modulation where the carrier phase modulation is the time integral of the FM modulating signal. The FM has used in two way radio systems. It can be application in Remote Control Car. It can see that remote control car has used in two way radio systems which are the car and the remote to control the car. This remote control car is used radio controlled. Therefore it has transmitting signal using frequency modulation. Radio controlled car is self powered model car that can be controlled from far using a specialized transmitter. The radio controlled usually refers to the vehicles controlled by a radio frequency link. Remote control car formerly used the amplitude modulation as the radio controlled. Then, the system has upgraded into more robust frequency modulation. The frequency that transmits from the remote control must be same as frequency at the receiver. To show more about remote control car, there have advantages and disadvantages about the remote control car and also the principles of the operation in remote control car.

Working principle FM in Remote Control Car

Radio-controlled cars use a common set of components for their control and operation. Most radio control system today use frequency modulation as it better reject interference than earlier amplitude modulation. The two important things that must have in radio controlled car are transmitter and receiver. Frequency modulation means that transmitter send data by changing its carrier frequency deviation of from its nominal value. The transmitter, in which has the joystick for control or in pistol grip form. It is use a trigger for throttle and a wheel for turning. The receiver was put inside the car. Its work to change the radio signal broadcast from the transmitter into suitable electrical control signals for the other components of the control system. This radio system will control the action take by throttle control, braking, steering, engaging either forward or reverse gears as it wired up to either electronic speed controls or servomechanisms. Electronic speed controls and servos are commanded by the receiver through pulse width modulation.

The advantages of using Frequency Modulation(FM) in the car remote control system

In the most of the application especially in the car remote control that being discuss before this, frequency modulation(FM) is the most preferred compared to amplitude modulation(AM) because FM gives more advantages then the AM. FM is very portable and easy to be set up also to be use in all type of condition whether being used indoors or outdoors. FM is also appropriate for mild to profound losses, and may be the preferred system for profound losses because of their superior acoustic output. The FM receiver can be covered or clipped to a waistband like a pager so that it is very inconspicuous. In fact, if it were used with a neck loop as a coupler, others would probably not know it was in use. Finally, within their range, there is no fluctuation in the strength of the signal. With all these advantages it makes the FM become familiar in the most of the application nowadays.

We conclude that Remote Control (RC) is one of the application in fm communication system due to principle of operation in remote control to transmit the signal to receiver (inside car) used in Fm. The signal are transmit to the receiver called radio control which is used the frequency exactly same with the remote control. Thus, there are match to transmit and received the signal and can control it. However, they still have lack in this application which is the remote control can share the remote control to another car which have same model car and especially the same of Fm. The Remote Control is also obey the rule of communication system which have the basic element such as index modulation, power to make it work.