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Title : FM RADAR

Members :
1) Ahmad Arif B Azli
2) Muhammad Amsyar B Mohd Ayub
3) Mohd Norhisyam Izwandi B Jamain
4) Amirul Aizad Norakman B Kamaruzzaman

The main difference between FM and AM is that, FM varies its frequencies in order to trasmit information signal but AM varies its amplitude while its frequency remains constant. nowdays, we can find FM application in almost all broadcasting field including music, and radio. FM is also widely used in magnetic tape recording system and several video transmission systems. however, in military application, FM is
mostly found in radar.

Radar plays an important role in military. With the aid of a radar, it can helps an army to win over a battle so easily, comparing to another army who doesnt use radar at all. Radar can helps in ways a normal army cant. Radar can see incoming missiles, radar can give an accurate distance of nearby army, and a radar can helps aircraft pilot mainly, to navigate their jet planes. FM radar was first introduced during WW1 by the US Navy aircraft. A frequency modulated continous wave is meant to detect mainly three things, distance or range, velocity or speed and direction to a target. The main parts of th FM radar are, signal generator, signal distributors, signal frequency detector, signal amplitude level detector, and at least one pair of antennas.


So now lets review on how actually a FM radar works. each antenna has the same directivity and set to radiate a beam ina slight different direction from the other antenna. This antenna also set to receive a return beam from a target.Then the first signal distributor will distrubutes an FM signal having frequency varying with timeto each antennas repeatedly. While the second signal distributor distributes a reference FM signal to a set of input terminals of the signal generator successively and repeatedly.

The reference signal will be different from the FM signal, and thus create a shifting both frequencies by a diffrent amount. The signal generator then generates beatsignals by mixing the reference signal and the return beam signal. The frequency detector detects the frequency of at least one of the generated signal earlier and converts the frequency to provide an indication ofa distance to a target. The beat signal amplitude on the other hand, convertsa ratios of the beat signal level to give an indication of a direction to the target.


Radar in military is functioned as a mean of detecting hostile activities, from any place far away, in any type of weather with the highest accuracy. Other applications such as, surveillance, navigation and weather radar also beeing used in military.

As for surveillance, there are many different types of radar to be used. This includes ground penetrating radar, mostly to detect mines in land as radar can also penetrate into soil, as long as the content is not too high. Next, radar as the area and ground surveillance.Besides, radar is meant for air surveillance. Air space is a crutial defence strategy for military. Depending on how strong your air power defence is the only way for you to protect from another strong air power. Radar in this case, usually located on elevated places so that it can cover most of the area.

Tracking radar is intended to keep a visual on a target. The readings are taken to direct the gunfire and also to control the movement of missiles weapon. Radar this such can detect any type of airborne objects. There are Shell-tracking radar used to improve the accuracy and to measure the flight's trajectory.

Last but not least, radars arent simply built for these reasons. As an conclusion. Radar is something that is in use all around us, although it is normally invisible.When people use radar, they are usually trying to detect the presence of an object at a distance, detect the speed of an object and to map something.